What Causes Alternators to Fail?

The alternator has an important job – it keeps the battery charged while driving by recycling energy created by your vehicle which helps to power all of your electrical components, such as the radio, lights, and more. Often times when our car won’t start or stay on, we blame it on the battery. However, sometimes the issue can actually stem from a failing alternator. 

There are certain tests that can performed that can indicate the true culprit of a no start car condition or electrical problem. The battery can be tested first to determine if a dead battery is the cause. However, if the battery looks fine, the alternator can then be tested to see if it is working properly. The issue can also be related to writing problems within the starting or charging system, so these tests need to be run in order to find the true cause. 

If the alternator is bad, here are some of the potential reasons why: 

  • Bad shaft bearings
  • Bad wiring
  • Bad brushes
  • Flooded alternator shaft

If you suspect an issue with your vehicle’s alternator or you are having trouble starting your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Premier1 Auto Care today! 

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