How to Top off Your Engine Oil Properly

The engine oil in your vehicle is extremely important to the overall health and operation of your car. Although your regular oil changes should never be missed, you can top off your own engine oil if you do so properly in between oil changes if you find that your engine oil is low or needs a top off. It’s important to know that adding oil to your car does not replace your regular oil change. 

First, you should find a quality engine oil that is trusted in the industry. Do you research and avoid using cheap oils that can cause more harm than good. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual is also a great source for what type of oil to use. You’ll also want to check your vehicle’s oil level before proceeding. Make sure your vehicle is parked on a flat surface and open up your vehicle’s hood. Pull out the oil dipstick to measure the level of the oil. If it is low, you can top off and add some oil in between oil changes. 

To top off oil, following the following steps: 

  1. After popping the hood, locate and remove the oil cap on your engine. The cap is normally clearly marked with the word OIL or will have a photo of a dripping oil can. 
  2. Use a funnel to add the oil. Be sure to add the oil slowly and don’t add too much at once. 
  3. Replace the oil cap tightly and be sure not to leave anything under the hood.
  4. Don’t forget to schedule your next oil change here at Premier1 Auto Care.

If your oil is depleting very quickly, you may have a leak. If you suspect that here may be an engine oil leak, be sure to stop by the experts at Premier1 Auto Care today. 

Written by Premier1 Auto Care

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