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Few performance systems within your vehicle are as important as the engine. It’s why your vehicle can move at all, so the system must always be in good health. But with a system this complex, it can be challenging to determine when it’s performing correctly or if it needs service. That’s where Premier1 Auto Care can help. Our shop in San Antonio, Texas, is home to trained ASE Certified technicians and dealership-grade diagnostics equipment that can help you determine the status of your car’s engine. Our team will let you know how it’s doing and provide the necessary services to ensure it’s performing at its best in the long run. After service with us, you’ll never have to second-guess whether or not you’re getting the best out of the engine.

Is Your Engine Damaged?

With a system as complex as the engine, it’s impossible to truly know what the specific cause of a problem may be. Even with our trained eyes, it can be difficult to determine what’s wrong without specialized equipment. But just because you can’t determine what the problem is, doesn’t mean you can’t figure out there is a problem. By knowing common warning signs, you can prevent additional damage from occurring to the engine. Here are a few common warning signs you should be aware of:

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Although it’s normal for your vehicle to lose a little fuel efficiency over time, it isn’t normal if it’s a dramatic drop. If you feel like you’re visiting the pump a lot more often than before, then something’s likely wrong with the engine. This usually occurs from a fault in the way the engine consumes fuel. Having it serviced by a professional can help you save money in the long run, so we recommend service with our team promptly.

Loss of Power

Do you feel like your car is struggling to gather speed? Does it seem like it’s barely making it over hills? Is the car shaking at high speeds? If you feel like your vehicle’s engine has lost some of its power, it likely has. These symptoms are common signs of power loss within an engine, and this will only get worse the longer you drive with it. If you experience these issues, please visit us immediately for a diagnostic service.

Schedule a Service

As the heart of your vehicle, you must get in front of any minor issues within the engine before they turn into major problems. Get the answers you need and make sure your car’s engine is performing at its best by scheduling an engine diagnostics service with Premier1 Auto Care in San Antonio, Texas. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize dealership level diagnostics equipment and state-of-the-art repair tools to quickly identify and fix any problem your car’s engine may be experiencing. Whether it’s a major or minor issue, know that our team has you covered.

Schedule your engine diagnostics service by calling our shop at (210) 202-1902, as our staff will be more than happy to help you. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by and chat with us in person! You can find us on 16308 San Pedro Avenue, next to the Hollywood Park Police Department, and we look forward to working with you and your vehicle.