I Hear a Banging Noise When Driving Over Bumps…What Does it Mean?

If you drive a modern vehicle, you expect your drive to be smooth and relatively quiet. You’ve probably noticed while driving over an uneven surface how bumpy your ride can get, but otherwise you barely feel a bump in the road. However, you get into your car one day and drive over a bump – you hear a loud BANG. You wonder, did I just hit something, or is something wrong with my vehicle? Lets look at what the potential causes are for this.

The suspension system in your car has many different working parts that help to maintain a smooth drive. A proper with a suspension system component can definitely be the culprit for a banging noise after driving over a bump. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • A bad sway bar link that is broken or damaged can create a banging or clunking sound when driving over bumps. This part is important because it prevents your vehicle from rolling over when driving through a sharp corner.

  • Worn control arm bushings can also result in loud noises when driving over bumps because when these components are worn down, they don’t have the ability to absorb sound as well.

  • A loose brake caliper can also cause a banging noise. This just needs to be secured.

Another thing to take note of is whether you only hear the banging noise when driving over bumps, or if you being to hear it all the time. The two occurrences can indicate different problems.

If you do suspect that you need suspension repair in San Antonio TX, don’t hesitate to bring your car into Premier1 Auto Care today. Our mechanics will perform a thorough vehicle inspection to determine the cause of the problem and get you back on the road safely.

Written by Premier1 Auto Care

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