Why is my Engine “Knocking”?

If you notice that your engine is making a “knocking” sound, this is your vehicle’s way of letting you know that something is right with the engine. Also described as a “pinging” sound, a knocking from the engine can point to a couple of different issues. The most common cause for this sound is the incorrect ration of air to fuel, which is necessary in order for the engine to run smoothly. If you continue to drive your vehicle with this problem, damage can occur to to the piston and cylinder wall. A knocking sound can also indicate a lack of lubrication on the cylinder head.

The most important thing to remember is that loud noises such as knocking or pinging coming from the engine are essentially letting you know that the engine is not running smoothly and accurately. Here are some of the other causes for why you may be hearing these engine noises:

  1. Using fuel with too low of an octane rating for your vehicle, which can throw off the air-fuel mixture ratio
  2. Your fuel system is heavy with carbon deposits that are preventing the proper fuel injection
  3. Your spark plugs are worn down and need to be replaced

If you are experiencing any engine trouble or noises, head over to our shop here at Premier1 Auto Care at your earliest convenience. We can diagnose the cause of the issue and figure out what repairs are needed to restore your engine and ge you back on the road safely.

Written by Premier1 Auto Care

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