Signs You Need Brake Repair

Top Signs You Need Brake Repair

Your vehicle’s brake system is one of the most critical safety features it has. Not only do they ensure your vehicle is able to stop safely, but they also provide you with full control over the speed and maneuvering of your vehicle. Without healthy brakes, your car driving experience is not only dangerous for you and your passengers, but also hazardous for the other drivers on the road.

With any sound braking system, you must also have good brake pads. However, over time, brake systems become worn out. Once your brakes have become worn out, the only thing to do is repair or replace them.

It’s essential to know when your car needs brake repair, which is why we wanted to take a moment to list a few of the most noteworthy signs that your vehicle needs brake repair.

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There are particular signs to look and listen for when your brakes need your attention. Below are the most common symptoms of faulty brake systems.

Noisy Brakes

If you hear a loud squeal or screech when you step on your brake pedal, this is definitely an indication that your brake pads should be inspected. This noise is caused by a built-in warning system within the brake pads to alert the driver that the brake pads are becoming worn out.

Brake Warning Light

Depending on your vehicle, when your brake system needs inspection, a brake warning light will illuminate on your dashboard. While this doesn’t always mean a serious problem, you should have it looked at by a professional at your earliest convenience.

Spongy Brake Pedal

Another sign of a faulty brake system is a brake pedal that feels like a sponge when you apply pressure to it. This is often an indication of a brake fluid leak or other components in your brake system that requires professional brake repair.


If you feel a vibrating or pulsating coming from your brakes when you apply pressure, this could be a symptom of worn brake pads or worn out brake rotors. The vibration occurs when either of these components are damaged and will get worse over time if not repaired.

Your vehicle’s brakes are imperative to your safety. If you need brake repair in San Antonio, TX, contact Premier1 Auto today and schedule an appointment with one of our professionally trained and certified brake repair mechanics.

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