Oil Light


What Does That Mean?

Anytime one of your vehicle’s dashboard lights is triggered, one thing is always true: the clock is ticking! Any dashboard notification is time-sensitive, so treat it like an emergency. Even if it’s something minor, your safest bet is always to find out right away. Several problems can cause your oil light to come on. Come to Premier1 Auto Care in San Antonio, TX, to find out which problem triggered your oil light.

Oil Level

Just like you can’t ignore the gas light when it comes on, you shouldn’t ignore the oil light when it comes on. The only difference is, if you run out of gas and end up stranded, you can simply put more gas in the tank. However, if you fail to put more oil in the engine, your vehicle could be stranded forever. It won’t matter how much motor oil you put in your vehicle if the engine seizes and locks. You’ll need a whole new engine.

Dirty Oil

It’s not just the oil levels that can trigger the dashboard light. Motor oil will accumulate dirt, dust, and debris as it circulates through the engine’s moving parts. If this accumulation becomes too thick, it will compromise oil efficiency and ultimately trigger the oil light. Vehicle owners can check the oil for cleanliness by checking the oil dipstick. If the oil is dark and sludgy, it needs to be changed. Visit Premier1 Auto Care in San Antonio, TX, if you have any questions or concerns about your oil’s condition.

Oil Pressure

There are times when a vehicle owner will check levels, check cleanliness, and the oil light still comes on. That could mean that the oil pressure sensor is faulty. The oil pressure gauge is susceptible to wear-and-tear. It’s designed to monitor the oil levels and then trigger the oil light when pressure drops too low. A malfunctioning oil pressure sensor could be sending you false alarms. Premier1 Auto Care’s team of oil maintenance experts use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to service your oil pressure sensor.

Oil Pump

The oil pump keeps oil flowing throughout the moving parts, preventing performance issues and possible overheating. Anytime you have these types of warning signs, you may end up having much more serious problems. It’s very important that you act immediately and bring your vehicle to Premier1 Auto Care in San Antonio, TX, if you think you have a problem with the oil pump.

The oil light is probably your single most important dashboard notification. If the engine is the heart, then the oil is the blood. And if your engine has any problem with oil flow, it should be taken seriously and handled immediately. Responsible drivers in San Antonio, TX, trust Premier1 Auto Care to handle all of their oil light service needs.

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